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Build Trust And Get More Clients With Verified, Confidential Reviews

Collect genuine, independently verified reviews about your practice in just a couple of clicks. Publish them on your website at the click of a button, along with a comment or reply, and showcase the difference you make.
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Build Trust With Verified Reviews

Having your reviews verified as genuine by an independent third party adds an additional layer of trust, which multiplies your client bookings. Trusted Practitioner helps you:

  • Take the Awkwardness Out Of Asking For Reviews - For Both You And Your Clients
  • Collect Reviews On Autopilot, Whilst Respecting Client Confidentiality
  • Publish Reviews To Your Website At The Click Of A Button
  • Encourage your biggest supporters to leave reviews on Facebook/Google too
  • Make More Bookings By Building Confidence And Trust With Potential Clients Fast

Our system is suitable for all service based professionals, and is especially suitable for therapy and healthcare disciplines where client confidentiality is particularly important.

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Professional Review Collection

How Trusted Practitioner Works

Collect & Display

We collect reviews from your satisfied clients on autopilot and make it simple for you to publish them on your website.

Reviews Read

Our reviews make you eligible for rating stars in Google search, attracting even more website visitors, who read your reviews.

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Booking With Confidence

Reviews build credibility, so your new clients can book with confidence, feeling they already know and trust you.